It's simple. We Connect the global insurance and InsurTech community. You Develop the connections in order to Collaborate, attract investment or to respond to an insurers challenge.

Not just another database of insurtechs.

What you get when you combine the business models of LinkedIn on steroids, & Fantasy Football ...

A global platform for improving the identification / matchmaking / collaboration between Insurtechs, Insurers, service providers, consultancies and investors.
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Determine worthy investments with unrivalled information analysis...

Investment Prospects

There are over 3,000 InsurTechs globally all vying for the attention of the investment community. Many have very similar propositions and business models making it difficult for investors to differentiate between them. You need more than a simple filtering databases to discover the InsurTechs that have the “most interesting propositions” or the ones “insurers would most like to engage with”. Insurtech Scout gives you endless capabilities when searching for investment opportunities.

Detailed analytics

The InsurTech Scout platform includes numerous radar charts designed to display InsurTech trends. Further analysis can be obtained through LEAGUE tables and our unique Head2Head feature for subjective matching (impossible to do through filtering alone)

Access Data Rooms

Found an interesting InsurTech? Request access to their Data Room and let them share relevant documents with you all within the InsurTech Scout platform

League Tables

Our gamification feature utilises our unique Kudo$ digital currency to identify InsurTechs that are most interesting to insurer or service provider employees. Want a way to differentiate between all the AI based accident damage assessment propositions - come join InsurTech Scout


Fed up of wasting time contacting insurers or investors that aren't interested in your proposition?

How would you like to know which organisations / departments / roles are most likely to be receptive to your offering?
Utilise Company Views to identify those insurers or investors that are already reviewing your company profile and see which department, location they are from
Don't lose control of the process by sending out your pitch deck and then having to wait for investors to get back to you Alert the investor community that you are actively looking to raise funds and let them request access to your Data Room and then decide exactly which documents you want to share with individual investors and how long for - helping you maintain control of the process.

The all-in-one Insurance Collaboration Platform

InsurTechs, you’ve invested your blood, sweat and tears into building your InsurTech and now you need to decide where you should focus your marketing. Here is a snapshot of just some of the benefits Insurtech Scout brings: 
Create a powerful profile to encourage insurers, investors service providers and market influencers to proactively reach out to you.
Industry Experts invest Kudo$, our virtual currency, into your Insurtech, propelling you up the leaderboards.
Get visibility of which insurers, service providers and investors are all over your profile and focus on approaching them rather than reaching out to 100's of organisations that aren't ready or interested in hearing from you
Save time, only connect with those relevant to you. Create your own segmented lists of insurers, investors, brokers, service providers or other InsurTechs using custom Collections.
Store latest version of all your investor documents in your in-platform secure Data Room and decide which documents you share, with whom and how long they get access for
Identify market trends with our in platform industry radar charts. Stay ahead of the curve.

Find the most suitable role within the sector.

As a Consultant, Advisor or Mentor you can be ranked and reviewed through our platform. This ensures that your client can view your previous work and profile.
Consultants/Advisors/Mentors: Earn our virtual currency Kudo$ to ensure you remain at the top of the leaderboard. The more Kudo$ you get, the more work you will be guaranteed.
Track Trends and keep up to date: Our platform allows you to select which Insurtechs/Insurance providers you wish to follow, connect with the right people and follow their journey. The more in the know you are, the more likely it is that you will be paired with a firm right for you.

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